Jan 26, 2015



One of my favorite shops is Lucy's activewear. It was founded by former Nike executives (so you know the goods will be good). the clothing performs well and the price points are decent. As someone who works out quite a bit, I find it essential to have pants specifically for your workout and pants for before and after (let's not talk about that whole yoga pants as pants thing). I am loving the 'do everything cuffed pants' on the left because they are comfortable, unfussy, and you can dress them up or down depending on your day. The 'endurance tights' on the right are perfect for working out in as they perform well and look good. Check them both out at www.lucy.com

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Jan 25, 2015


Busy days. competition season has started for lola and the past four days have been filled with just that. I have, however, been working on the shop a little bit. In case you haven't noticed, I have changed the shop name from cherokee dry goods to FREEBIRD by LULAHONEY. Why the change? well there were a few reasons but the biggest was I wanted something that was a combination of new and familiar. I had previously used lulahoney for my old shop {which was childrenswear} but this time around I wanted something to reflect more of what I am doing now. Anyways, above is a screen shot of freebird's instagram (if you care to follow).  I am super stoked to be stocking wolfpups tanks in a few different designs... along with my thunderbird print and painted longhorn signs. I will be updating on Instagram when new product comes in. This time around, I'm taking my sweet time and being very selective as to what I'm stocking my shop with. I think you will all dig what I have been curating. Now I just need to work on the shop site and the next chapter begins.

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Jan 21, 2015

scrubs and whips

another vancouver company I am in love with is Harlow skin co. I picked up their raw coffee exfoliating scrub bar in the fall time and loved it so much I had to get a few of their whips including their french toast whip (made with coffee and a hint of cinnamon). perfection for your skin especially after a workout when you want to exfoliate all the sweat and grime and then butter yourself up. Check them out at www.harlowskinco.squarespace.com

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Jan 20, 2015


getting up and out of bed at an insane hour is hard. don't let anyone fool you into thinking it's easy because it's not. If you combine that feeling with a workout, you might not be too stoked at 4:30am to do it, right? I have tried in the past to wake up and do a 5k but that's just not my style (I prefer running in the evening) so recently (meaning this week) I just started doing this mini workout in the mornings as soon as I get outta my bed and it kind of doesn't suck. 

10 jumping jacks
10 crunches 
10 push ups
10 squats
10 calf raises
10 reverse lunges

Super easy. And it gives you just enough of that workout high to get you out the door without hating everybody.

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Jan 19, 2015


a few juice recipes I'm using right now. I don't use exact measurements and there are certain ingredients I use more of and less of. for example, I cannot stand the taste of ginger so I use just the tiniest amount, but any amount helps, right? You can adjust the amounts any which way. cheers.

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Jan 18, 2015

in the moment

as i mentioned in a previous post, we are working on a small video series together {along with her older sister}.  we were talking about different ideas when i took this photo because i just love how it shows off her toothless grin! anyways, she is really stoked to show off all her little workouts. it will be awhile before it launches but right now, throwing ideas back and forth with each other, has been so fun.

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Jan 17, 2015

keep it fresh

keep it fresh

I walked around joe fresh the other day to pass the time and I noticed their new arrivals were being merched. So naturally I had to peek. The first thing that grabbed my eye were the pants. Super cute and inexpensive...with a bit of sparkle which lola loves. So I scooped them up. I also loved the scarf and grabbed that too. We have this tee already from last year and I rounded out everything with a sports bra (for the summer months). Another fun and practical look perfect for before + after the gym. 

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