Jul 21, 2014

mathematics 101

All above photos taken with my iPhone.
It took a few runs of the hearts to get a good one, as seen in the middle photo

sometimes happy hearts and polka dots are the way to go. the dresses are a limited run and available at one small room in squamish. I am heavily in love with accessories and printing at the moment and that's why all dresses i'm making right now is limited... the totes are something of an on going thing. These are also available at one small room or you can email me --> lulahoney@gmail.com to order one. $14 cad. 
It feels good to be back in the hustle. I have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a monthly gymnastics bill that would make your head spin...just doing what I can to support my sweet fam.

dig it babies.

Jul 17, 2014

wolf packs and set backs

a peek at Carmen's creative process. she has been busy drawing more wolves. i had mentioned earlier that we are collaborating on a project and i thought i would share more on this.
i have been wanting to get into printing {on paper} lately and thought this would be the perfect way to start. we have decided to make a few cards with these wolves and see where it goes...right now we are drawing together and figuring out card stock, that type of thing. It's been super cool and fun to work as a team with her.

i also ran into a few setbacks with my other project i have been working on (the one I wrote about in my last post with the bidniss plan, etc) which is making me want to shelve the whole thing for now. and not because I'm giving up. it's just not fulfilling creatively and right now i just want to create art. so i made the decision to put this less creative project on hold for now. 

dig it babies.

Jul 14, 2014

let's go honky tonkin' ya'll

that farm life tho | a few pictures:
carmen showing me what she thinks of selfies...
lola being lola.
ice cream for days.
flowers. my new jam.
i love god and be kind graffiti.
carmen finding a sliver of shade in this heat. just looking at all that hair is making me sweat..

today it was back to gym for lola, back to the insanity of driving into the city five days a week. but she's happy which makes me happy. carmen is on a wait list for horse riding lessons and we are trying to figure out swimming lessons to coincide with Lola's training in the city. and both are just stoked to play on the trampoline and hit the beach in this h e a t. 

and i have been working on a project i had briefly mentioned earlier. it isn't the most creative venture but definitely one that is a passion of mine. hint: sports|kids|youth|fashion.. i wrote a small bidniss plan, learning everything as i go, while banging my head against a wall, and hopefully will launch in the fall.

and and, i am getting things ready for my other, more creative project: lone wolf collective. more on that later.

this summer is going to be good.

dig it babies.

Jul 10, 2014

my vibe my life

my vibe my life

i recently purchased this pullover and i cannot wait to get my hands on it. it's the type of thing that will work to throw on going to the gym and then out with friends or my husband. slip it over this tank and shorts and my fitbit to an exercise class and then after the workout, slip off the sweaty tank and sports bra and throw the sweater on over these jeans and shoes and pull it all together with a dab of red lipstick

dig it babies.

Jul 9, 2014

hustle and flow

playing in the river catching minnows with their hands. that's what my crew did today. this spot is exactly one minute from my haus, tucked in the mountains. my little mamas run around, create havoc, and have fun here with nothing killin' their vibes. as a parent, i sometimes feel bad that i can't take them on a proper vacation every summer but then I remember my girls get to chill on an ocean, lake, or mountain every single day of the week so then i just get humbled.

dig it babies.

Jul 8, 2014

little wolf

i recently posted this on instagram but wanted to share on here too. this is a portrait my nine year old daughter Carmen drew for me. i think it is perfect.
as you know i love to collaborate with other artists/designers/photographers/etc but i love collaborating with my family the most. now that Carmen is a bit older and is interested in sharing her art, we have decided to collaborate on a small project. it's going to be a good one.

dig it babies.

Jul 5, 2014

gym crew

gym crew

currently on summer vacation, not just from school but from gymnastics training as well. it's been nice as we have been eating ice cream and hanging out at the beaches and all over whistler and just being awesome together. one more week before training resumes, so we are partying making the most of it.
a few things to make the transition more fun when getting back into it:

1. pom berlin bag
2 .limeapple halftop
3. molo leggings
4.  havaianas flip flops
5. tripleflip headband

dig it babies.